Recycle Logos

Recycled Logo Symbol
The chasing-arrows logo communicates that a paper product is both recyclable and made entirely from recycled material. The symbol should be accompanied by a legend identifying the total percent (by weight) of recycled fiber. For example: 100% Recycled Fiber or 30% Recycled Fiber.
For more information visit Eco-Speak: A User's Guide to the Language of Recycling

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Eco Calculator Symbols

Environmental Calculator Symbols
Olmsted-Kirk is linked to the Wausau Paper Eco-Calculator. It allows users to instantly calculate the environmental savings achieved by using paper made with post-consumer fiber as well as the savings from using paper made with 100 percent renewable energy. Symbols for wood, water, energy and waste can be used in creating customized savings reports for annual reports and other print projects. Information on how to use the symbols is included in the Symbols Toolkit.

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FSC is an independent, non-governmental not-for-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world's forests. Products carrying the FSC label are independently certified. This is a chain–of-custody certification. All parties in the supply chain taking legal ownership of the product must be certified in order for the finished material to bear this logo. The printer is the last link in the chain-of-custody, therefore they are the only ones that can get the FSC certified logo for your project. For more info on logo usage http://www.fsc.org/how-to-use-trademarks.html


Green Seal
Green Seal is a symbol of recognition that papers are made with a minimum of 30% post-consumer fiber and that the mill processes, including packaging, are environmentally preferable. Green Seal is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the marketplace by promoting the manufacturing, purchase and use of environmentally responsible products and services.


To download the Green Seal logo for your print project, follow these steps:

  1. Go to www.greenseal.org and select PUBLICATIONS AND RESOURCES, then LOGOS AND GRAPHICS.
  2. Review the rules and click I ACCEPT.
  3. Complete the form and be sure to enter the brand name of the Green Seal certified product.
  4. Upon receipt of the registration form, Green Seal will send your username and password with a link to the graphics by a return email. Allow 24 hours for verification.
  5. When you receive your username and password, go to the login page: www.greenseal.org/resources/graphics/login.cfm
  6. Select the logo: Proudly Printed on Green Seal™ Certified Paper


Processed Chlorine Free
Processed Chlorine Free—a term reserved only for papers made with 100% post-consumer recycled fiber—means the paper is manufactured without elemental chlorine or chlorine derivatives.

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Tri-Certified Logo

New Page products - Centura, Productolith, Fortune and Arbor Plus are Tri-Certified products. When you print on any of these papers you can request and use the Tri-Certified logo. This Tri-Certified logo means that these specific papers have passed from a certified forest to a certified pulp manufacturer and onto a certified paper mill, New Page. The “tri” represents FSC, FSI and PEFC. Each of these three organizations are independent, third-party certification systems. Contact your O-K sales or specification representative to obtain and use this logo. Your purchase will be verified with Olmsted-Kirk Paper and New Page. Then we will send you the graphic file via email.