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O-K Advice: Neenah Personal Proofs


If you haven’t visited the website of one of our favorite mills NEENAHPAPER.COM and tried the PERSONAL PROOF feature, your missing out. With over 396 different sheets, Neenah Paper offers a Personal Proof on any of their paper colors, textures, and weights. It allows you to try before you buy - because no other medium can match the touch and feel of paper. See it and feel it for yourself to make better creative decisions. Try out paper textures that you might not have worked with before. And everything about the Personal Proof is personal - you can place your art exactly where you want it, resize it or change the orientation. Your proof is produced with a state-of-the-art HP Indigo on the exact Neenah Paper that your job will be printed on. For a limited time, this valuable custom sample service is FREE! And shipped directly to you.

Paper Bling

02282011_img1 02282011_img2

How glamorous and simple is this? We found some true, paper "bling".  We're in love with it. An elegant card created by NELSON ASSOCIATES in the UK is blind embossed on a gold foil paper. It is coated one side sheet with the gold foil on one side and white uncoated on the other. Bravo! You can see more of this work at SEPTEMBER INDUSTRY, the International Journal for Design.  And you can find a premium cast-coated, gold foil paper, in the  Kromekote Collection from Mohawk. It is available by special order from the mill. Bling anyone?