Paper Bling

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How glamorous and simple is this? We found some true, paper "bling".  We're in love with it. An elegant card created by NELSON ASSOCIATES in the UK is blind embossed on a gold foil paper. It is coated one side sheet with the gold foil on one side and white uncoated on the other. Bravo! You can see more of this work at SEPTEMBER INDUSTRY, the International Journal for Design.  And you can find a premium cast-coated, gold foil paper, in the  Kromekote Collection from Mohawk. It is available by special order from the mill. Bling anyone?


Speckletone Poster Libations

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We saw this tasty  poster at the FRENCH PAPER SAMPLE ROOM blog. Our signed & numbered copy was ordered from SoulSeven's ETSY shop. This poster is the first installment in the Lovesome Libation series by SOULSEVEN. It is a limited edition of only 50 prints.  The print measures 16" wide by 25" tall and is silkscreened in four colors on 100 lb. Cover, French SPECKLETONE, True White. It was printed by the STEADY PRINT SHOP. Keep in mind that we stock Speckletone, True White in 70 Text and 80 Cover if you've been inspired.