S is for Swatchbook

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Welcome to our #OKalphabetseries where we visit paper and printing terms daily. Come back each day as we weave our way through the alphabet and share our 110 years of knowledge with you.

S is Swatchbook
A swatchbook is a delightful and helpful tool that allows you to touch and feel the papers of an entire line of paper. When you need to know exactly what a surface texture feels like or how the color looks, a swatchbook is a great way to review and make your paper choices. Mills create swatchbooks for each of their papers. Swatchbooks include charts for availability of sizes and basis weights. You'll find opacity, and caliper stats. They also contain key information about the paper’s green attributes and other product information such as envelope availability. Olmsted-Kirk offers them free of charge to aid you in your paper selection.

T is for Tooth
R is for Rag Paper

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