Neenah Folding Board Swatchbook



Neenah Packaging has just made it even easier to design unique packaging that's unlike any other on the shelf. Anyone ready to dive into that next packaging project will want to see the newly expanded Neenah Folding Board portfolio.  

With 58 coated and uncoated available items -- including 24 new colors and 13 new finishes -- Neenah Folding Board has a solution for any folding carton and box wrap project.

And, the items showcased in the swatchbook are just the beginning, use them as a starting point to creating exactly what a brand needs to extend its identity to the shelf. Have a pre-existing brand identity color to match? Neenah Packaging's Custom Solutions will perfectly, and consistently, meet your project requirements.


Check out the new swatchbook to see just how many options there are -- and just how far ideas can go.

A few highlights guaranteed to draw attention:

  • Beautiful new iridescent colors including KINETIC, GAMMA and TURQUOISE
  • Strikingly realistic metal colors and finishes including ROSE GOLD in Brush finish, and AGED COPPER in Hammered finish
  • New Vellum Digital finish for those short run folding carton projects
  • The new Croco finish...a must see
  • Get your copy from your Olmsted-Kirk representative.
Sterling Premium. Elevated.
"How to Win" from Neenah

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