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The new Classic Crest® swatchbook is here with eight, count em; EIGHT new colors. This swatchbook is only one component of Neenah's total re-introduction of their Classic® line of papers. Four swatchbooks have been melded into just three with a new Classic Textures swatch housing your old favorites Classic Laid and Columns and introducing two new finishes into the line: Woodgrain and Techweave. Classic Linen finishes up the trilogy of swatchbooks.

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The eight new colors include three grays - Cool Gray, Cadet Gray, and Charcoal.  Along with that,  two new blues have been added - Cobalt and Chambray. And rounding out the new colors are Aubergine, Military, Imperial Red and a gorgeous new shade of white - Bare White. You are probably wondering why you need another shade of white but when you see it for yourself you'll understand. Bare White is a simply stunning balanced white that sits in between Avon Brilliant White and Classic Natural White. If that wasn't enough, there are three new duplexes, too - Aubergine/Solar White, Cadet Gray/Solar White, and Military/Bare White.
Cool Gray is a light shade of gray somewhere in between Antique Gray and Pewter.
Cadet Gray is a rich gray tone that rounds out the gray bunch.
Chambray is a fresh twist on the color of denim.
Aubergine is a deep, comforting and rich purple reminiscent of eggplant.
Military is a warm, rich, natural looking green.
Cobalt is a trendy, knock-your-socks-off, vivid blue.
Imperial Red is a fresh, bright red with a hint of orange.

Our next post will introduce you to the two new finishes Woodgrain and Techweave. To get your copy of these new swatchbooks, get in touch with your Olmsted-Kirk sales representative.

New! Classic Textures
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