Get Inspired with ENVIRONMENT Creative (un)Blocks

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unblocks CDA 0136-1024x678

Have you ever hit a wall creatively? Neenah Paper's newest promotion Creative (un)Blocks is full of ideas and images to inspire your creative process. Printed on ENVIRONMENT®, the paper "blocks" must literally be pulled apart into four books - Study, Play, Connect and Make. ENVIRONMENT® has twenty color choices in a variety of weights from 24 lb. writing to 120 lb. double thick covers. It's the economical and environmental choice with 100% post-consumer waste papers to ones manufactured with alternative fibers like sugar cane and bamboo. This promotion was designed by Chen Design in San Francisco. They have also created a Creative (un)Blocks site to go hand and hand with the promotion - paper to pixels, if you will. Clicking the link is a must. Creative (un)Blocks is available now from your O-K Paper representative. Give us a jingle.

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