Funky Folds on Xtreme Coated Cover!


We keep telling designers and printers about the incredible sheet properties of our Xtreme Coated Cover. Take a look at this case in point. Rider Dickerson, a printer in Chicago, created a capabilities brochure with a complex origami-like fold. It required special printing techniques, heavy ink coverage and a mind blowing custom fold technique. Only one sheet was cut out to stand up to the challenge—Xtreme Coated Cover. As they put it, "One of the main challenges of producing this piece was finding a sheet of paper that would handle all the complex folds. The Xtreme Coated sheet was able to withstand all the scoring and hand-folding in different directions without cracking." This specially formulated non cracking substrate produced extremely (ha!) impressive results.  Printed on 12 pt. cover, the exterior of the oyster-style folder includes double hits of fluorescent inks, spot soft touch coating and spot hi gloss UV coating. Upon opening, the inside of the folder blossoms from multi-insert housing into a full sized poster.

Contact your O-K Representative to be introduced to the unique properties of Xtreme. Don't design or print around the fold anymore. You don't have to! For your copy of the Rider Dickerson capabilities brochure or a Xtreme swatchbook, give us a jingle. See more photos and full credits: FPO: Rider Dickerson Promotional Piece

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