Focus on Special Effects- LENTICULAR

This week we'll be focusing on the educational reference piece The Standard No. 5: Special Effects from Sappi. Beginning today - we'll highlight one printing technique each day and give you detailed information along with tips to make each special effect work for you. Today's focus...

Special Printing Technique: LENTICULAR
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Lenticular printing creates the optical illusion of depth and movement.  The technology was created in the 1940's and was commonly called "flicker pictures" or "wiggly pictures".  New printing technology has made it easier, more economical, and more exciting than ever before. In the case of the image above, 16 images (frames) were interlaced into a single image that gave the effect that the eyeballs are following you as you gaze at them from left to right.  Lenticular printing can achieve 3-D or flip effects. Flip effects create graphics or a message that changes depending on the viewing angle. The images are printed to a Lens. A Lens is a special material extruded with a resin specifically made for the optical properties required for lenticular prints. Remember to work closely with your printer and always ask for a lenticular proof before you go to press. Here are some technical tips.

  • Color choice and placement play a key roll in getting the best 3-D lenticular results.
  • When designing for 3-D, create a image that has a foreground element and a background element. This gives the illusion of depth and helps the human brain perceive dimensionality. Avoid stark contrasts.
  • Better results are achieved when the background is neutral and the brighter colors are in the foreground.
  • 3-D effect works best with the lenses running vertically.
  • When creating a "flip" or "animation" effect - horizontal lenses are the best choice.
  • More technical tips here.

Sappi, Standard No. 5: Special Effects is printed on various finishes of McCoy, an environmentally responsible premium coated sheet.

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