"Everybody's Business" on ENVIRONMENT

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Environment Book -4- CAUSE Spread LR

Neenah's "Everybody's Business" promotion shows you how you can get both your brand's message and sustainable values delivered. Produced on a variety of ENVIRONMENT® Papers, the cover of the perfect bound book begs you to touch it.

Kathy Kemps, Senior Brand Manager for Neenah puts it this way, "The USPS recently reported that 93% of online responses are driven by direct mail -- it's clear that this remains an extremely effective marketing medium. And we have research telling us that touch and texture lead to high levels of brand connection and recall. Then we see that 65% of paper consumed in the US last year was recovered for recycling. What this means is that you can create a beautiful, memorable message that drive results while staying true to the environment."

The book houses four uniquely designed direct mail inserts. Produced on a gorgeous combination of colors and textures including six colors of ENVIRONMENT® that were introduced into the line last year -- Weathered, Stone, Husk, Grocer's Kraft, Concrete and Wrought Iron.

Use ENVIRONMENT® to help communicate a brand's message and values. 

For your copy, contact your Olmsted-Kirk sales representative or our sample room.

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