Design Collection: Meet Canaletto, Truly Felt!


canaketto showcase
Meet Canaletto, the first of the eleven grades within the Neenah Design Collection that we'd like to introduce you to. Made in Italy and "truly" felt, Canaletto "Grana Grossa" is softly marked with a felt texture on both sides of the sheet. You'll love the way it feels to the touch. It has excellent stiffness and bulk and a surface sizing for quality printing. It is produced with 20% cotton and 80% ECF (elementally cholrine free) pulp. Canaletto is available in just two colors: Premium White and Bianco; which is somewhere in between white and natural. Note: the Premium White is FSC certified.

Canaletto is available in wide range of weights: 85 Text, 60 Cover, 78 Cover, 111 Cover and 222 Double Thick Cover. And it's packed in small quantity packages just days away at the Neenah warehouse so small orders are not a problem. The lighter weights packs contain 125 sheets per package while the heavier weights contain just 50 sheets. And don't forget, there's matching envelopes also. Use Canaletto when you want to add a touch a elegance to any creative print project.

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