Shift your Thinking with Sterling Premium!


Over the past few weeks, NewPage Corporation has delivered a direct mail teaser campaign and emails featuring the following tag lines:

  • The current value equation has lost its value. 
  • A new answer is coming.
  • Old assumptions are just that. Old
  • You deserve a new answer. It’s coming soon.
  • Current options no longer meet today's needs. 

These seemingly puzzling statements now add up to form an answer—NEW Sterling Premium. This radical new coated paper choice from NewPage has been described as a retooled Sterling Ultra with premium optics and print performance at a No. 2 price. Now, that’s a Win-Win! Forget about coated paper rankings which are just based on brightness of a coated sheet. Think about all the other equally important attributes of a coated sheet - surface uniformity, smoothness, finish, opacity and bulk.  And with all the imported sheets, were you even really comparing apples to apples when looking at coated sheets? Say hello to Sterling Premium! The only paper you'll ever need.

Check out further details about this revolutionary new sheet and sign up to be a lucky winner in eight weeks worth of giveaways at Itshiftseverything.com. With the introduction to Sterling Premium, we must also say goodbye to old favorites Productolith and Centura—it’s time to shift to a new standard in Sterling Premium. Productolith and Centura papers won’t disappear from the O-K Paper inventory just yet. We still have plenty of both available. Contact your O-K Representative availability today! And remember, we begin taking orders on Sterling Premium August 6th! More details to follow as Olmsted-Kirk introduces you to this new sheet.

The Beauty of Engraving!

08012012 beautyengraving

Recently, we stumbled across an intriguing username on our Twitter news feed, @beautyengraving. Of course, we just had to investigate. Interestingly enough, we found that The Beauty of Engraving is the latest historical printing venture from Crane’s and Neenah Paper. August 1st marked the launch day for The Beauty of Engraving website, a wonderful resource for engraving inspiration, history and businesses who offer the service. Not only is the gallery regularly updated with freshly pressed content, but the past and present feature enlightens even the most astute paper and print enthusiast. Moreover, you can help make this resource even better by submitting photos of your exceptional engraved work for all to admire. Do yourself a favor, take a gander, explore and turn in your best work!