Paper Catalogs Making a Comeback

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Catalogs are the perfect vehicle for storytelling and provide customers with rewarding brand experiences and product information they trust. Download the new catalog sell sheet from Paper and Packaging: How Life Unfolds to learn how printed catalogs can be used to drive online sales. In a recent article by Harvard Business Review, they stated "Many brands and retailers, such as Nordstrom, Patagonia, Crate and Barrel, Restoration Hardware, and leisure services such as vacations and cruise lines, are investing heavily in physical catalogs. Even pure-online retailers that prided themselves in creating efficient and digitized consumer experiences such as Wayfair, Bonobos, Birchbox, and Amazon are now printing catalogs." If you'd like to learn more, go to this HBR article.

Call for Entries - The Mohawk Show

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Mohawk is introducing a new kind of awards show that gives back more than just a line on your resume. The Mohawk Show is driven by a simple idea: Great work deserves the opportunity to make more great work. We all have an idea on the backburner that's so niche, indulgent or impractical that we just can't justify it. Now imagine you didn't have to. Mohawk is rewarding stand out work on Mohawk paper with Maker Grants to turn those passion projects into portfolio projects. Their goal is to help great makers keep on making. Enter online at: mohawkconnects.com/themohawkshow Entry deadline is April 15th 2020.