Are you LETTRA or Savoy?


It's sorta like the chocolate or vanilla thing. Do you like mustard or ketchup? When looking for a 100% cotton sheet - printers, letterpressers and designers have definite favorites. It's either Neenah, Crane's LETTRA or Reich's SAVOY. Whichever one you prefer, Olmsted-Kirk has you covered by stocking both sheets! You can choose the soft linters of LETTRA or the subtle but crisp folding properties of SAVOY. And each of these sheets are offered in weights well over 200 Double Thick Cover for great heft. LETTRA goes up to a 220 DTC and SAVOY hits the roof with a 236 DTC. Haven't made up your mind which one is right for you and your project? Let us break down each sheet for you. Both of them are equally lovely for each of their unique attributes.


Savoy's strong formulation, yet soft flexibility allow for strikingly clean, crisp folding, blind embossing, foil stamping and engraving. And it's gorgeous with standard four color. Savoy 80 Text and 92 Cover are certified for use on Kodak NexPress digital presses. Savoy, Brilliant White, 118 Cover has been used successfully on many HP Indigo presses though not certified because it is too thick for certification. Savoy is tree free and made from 100% recovered cotton from the textile industry. It is archival, acid free, recyclable, biodegradable, and elemental chlorine free. Users who love Savoy say its surface allows for crisper ink jet printing or handwritten, ink calligraphy and it doesn't show the cotton linters when folding.


Tough yet fluffy. Lettra is unsized and uncalendared which leaves the fibers relatively uncompacted, giving the sheet an extra bulky feel. Lettra has the feel of fabric and the look of handmade art paper. And while it is engineered to stand up to the great pressures of letterpress printing, it performs equally well with offset lithography; engraving; stamping; and inkless processes such as embossing, debossing, or die-cutting. Lettra is made from cotton linters—a byproduct of the cotton industry that is recognized by the EPA as recovered fiber. Not only are these fibers environmentally responsible, they can be recycled with traditional paper. Users who love Lettra say it feels like fabric and the envelopes are bulkier.

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