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Consult with your O-K Paper rep early in the process of choosing paper for your printed pieces. It is good to have an understanding of how paper and its characteristics affect your finished product. Your O-K Paper rep will listen to your needs and can show you a variety of paper stocks that will fulfill the requirements for your printing job whether it is an aesthetic or economic one. It is a good idea to look at printed samples of paper, not just swatchbooks. You may also need a paper dummy. As your paper merchant, we can supply a paper dummy (blank mock-up) of the exact size and weight of paper you are considering. The paper dummy is an excellent tool to share with your client and everyone involved in the project to ensure everyone has a clear sense of what is involved.
Absolutely. Just hit the link at the top of this page "PAY MY BILL". First time users will need to register and sign in.
Sure. For your convenience, we have e-commerce as part of our website. For existing customers who have not signed up to purchase via e-commerce, please email Tom Crockett at tcrockett[at]okpaper.com. Tom will be happy to get you started. In your email, provide your account number, the individual or individuals who will have order access and their email addresses. New customers that do not have an account with Olmsted-Kirk Paper, but would like to purchase via our on-line ordering system should first qualify themselves for an account. Visit these questions to see what is right for you. Then contact our credit department regarding opening an account by emailing schavez[at]okpaper.com.
If you are a customer buying small amounts of paper by the ream or sheet, the O-K Paper Centers are for you. They are also a convenient way for our commercial customers to pick up smaller quantities of our products when they need them quickly. The OKPC's keep inventory of fast moving items on their shelves for your convenience. You can also call the OKPC nearest you and get any sheet we carry ordered for pick-up by you at that center. These centers are open to the general public and conveniently located within each major Texas city. The O-K Paper Centers are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Find the OKPC location nearest you.
Visit our blog. It is full of up-to-date information about our company, our products and its happenings. Be sure to sign-up for our email newsletter and snail mail, too. Follow us on twitter @okpaperco or just click the bird icon on our home page.
Check out our "MILLS" section of the website for a complete listing of mills and the papers we represent from each of them. We inventory many of these papers and some listed are mill orders that we can place for you in full carton orders. If a paper is listed in this section, we have access to get it for your project.
A mill item is a paper that is not stocked in our warehouse and must be ordered from the mill. It has to be ordered in full cartons and requires shipping time of at least 3-5 days to arrive. Shipping time varies from mill to mill. Your O-K rep can give you specifics on the paper you have selected. We order regularly from all of our mill partners.
Check out our Swatchbook Guide online. Answer a few questions about what you are looking for in a paper. This search engine will guide you to a selection of swatchbooks that fit your project parameters. It is a quick way to help you make your paper decision. You can also call your O-K rep or our customer service department, we are always happy to help you find the right paper.
Our Olmsted-Kirk staff is very knowledgeable and many times can identify a sheet of paper for you from just a blank sheet. If we cannot identity it, we can match it up to the closest paper stock we have available.
If we stock a paper in our warehouse, you may buy as little or as much as you need. Some of our papers are sold by the sheet and others are sold by reams/packages. Small orders from the general public need to be placed through one of our O-K Paper Centers. If the paper you want is a non-stock or "mill" item, then we must order and sell to you in a full carton quantity.
Please call our customer service and we can find a sheet for your job from our warehouse. Items listed in our O-K Price Book are stocked on our warehouse floor. If you are a designer that wants to choose (specify) a readily available sheet, we have created the "Handy Dandy Stocking Guide". It is a designer's guide to the papers we stock on a regular basis. Stocked items can change often. For a hard copy, call your spec rep. The most up-to-date copy is downloadable here.
Yes. We have our own company trucking system called Roadnet. It allows us to pull paper for our customers from any of our O-K warehouse locations. It runs nightly. When you call in an order, we look at all of our location inventories to fill your needs.
Yes. We have a full delivery system in the state of Texas. We can even work with an out of state printer. This is called shipping "direct". We can ship direct from the mill in full cartons or skids anywhere in the country. If you are a designer or corporation working with an out of state printer, just specify Olmsted-Kirk as your merchant of choice along with your rep's name and phone number. We can honor your paper specification wherever you have decided to print. Be sure to let your rep know about the project so they can follow up with the chosen printer.
It is the final step in the process of choosing a paper. It requires accurate information to your printer and should be included in your purchase order. The specification should include: the merchant of choice, mill, paper, color, texture and weight. For Example: Olmsted-Kirk Paper, Neenah, Classic Crest, Ember Blue, Smooth, 80 Cover.
The "spec" rep is a paper consultant and sales representative whose advice can help find you the right paper within all the requirements of your printing project. They are specifically trained to work in the "design world" but have paper, sales and design expertise to work with all the parties in the paper and print process.
Yes, Olmsted-Kirk can help you with special "making" orders from a mill. Each of our mills has minimum quantities for special orders. This includes custom watermarks. Generally, minimum orders range from 5,000 to 10,000 lbs. The creation of a unique sheet for your project is an exciting process. Your Olmsted-Kirk rep can guide you through the process from manufacturing to delivery.
Olmsted-Kirk has a wide variety of envelope colors and sizes available to them. If the envelope you need is not stocked on our floor, we can order in "carton quantities" any envelope you might need. Please check our envelope guide for standard sizes and descriptions. Envelopes may require shipping and manufacturing time, which can range from as little as three days to as many as fourteen business days. Consult us for your options. You may be surprised just how many envelopes are readily available to you.
We have forms available on line here. Download, fill out and fax back to begin the process.
By law, we have to charge tax on anyone that does not have a tax exempt form on file with us. Download a form here, fill it out and fax or email back to us.