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ARTCRANK arrives today. With that, our final installment of sneak peeks. The final peek at the last of the four Neenah feature artists. Meet Bethany Bauman. We've given you an extreme close-up of her poster. The detail in this silkscreen is utterly amazing. Master Printer, Brian MacClaskey at Industry Print Shop turned out some outstanding printing with Bethany's intricate, bike-inspired line work. When you see it in person, the metallic flake of the gold pass will take your breathe away. Add to that, a hit of clear varnish and a ghosted grey and you've got one incredible poster on PLIKE, Black, 122 Cover. The tactile, plush, plastic-like feel of this sheet just adds to this poster's depth.

Please join Olmsted-Kirk, Neenah and the four Neenah feature artist: Bethany Bauman, Oen Hammonds, Roy Milton 2 and Ty Wilkins this evening. Don't forget to grab our free commerative poster on ENVIRONMENT® Concrete while they last. And be sure to visit Neenah's Against the Grain blog. In the coming weeks they will be offering more detail into the processes these artist went through as they concieved and printed their posters on Neenah papers.

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Today's ARTCRANK sneak peek is by Roy Milton 2, art director at Sanders/Wingo. Roy's bike-inspired design has been letterpressed on Neenah's, Design Collection, PLIKE, Brown, 122 Cover. PLIKE is that "plastic-like" paper with a tactile, soft feel. We have to tell you that we have never seen this particular sheet letterpressed before. But that is just what Roy has done, with metallic inks, no less. And we love it. The letterpress work was produced by RedPress Printing. Intriqued? Take a look at the process video.

Please join ARTCRANK ATX tomorrow evening 5 - 10 p.m. at Fair Market. Take a work of art home with you. We'll be there, looking for you.

And visit Neenah's Against the Grain blog. They're talking pedal pushers.



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Oen JackJill

Here's another peek at ARTCRANK as we draw closer to Friday's event. This sad, kingly graphic is just a small section of the six color (yes, we said SIX!) silkscreen poster created by Oen Michael Hammonds for ARTCRANK. This lovely has been produced on the velvety surface of 100% Cotton, Neenah, LETTRA, 110 Cover, Pearl White at Coronado Studios. We'll give you a hint to the rest of the poster content - Oen has titled this "Jack and Jill".

Oen Hammonds is a award-winning art director who recently left Y&R Austin to become part of IBM Design. He is an educator of design at Austin Community College and past Education Chair for AIGA Austin. You can find him online at Visual Notepad. He is one of the designers you'll see profiled on Neenah's blog: Against the Grain following the event. You'll see his process as he created and produced his poster.

Join Oen and the other artists' handmade, limited edition works on paper that will be exhibited and for sale this Friday.

We'll have a Neenah photo station. Be sure to join us. Doors open at 5pm.

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