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There are no limits to a children's dreams. They dream vividly with no barriers to their ambition. So why ever stop dreaming? Domtar's latest Cougar promotion is simply entitled Dream. The theme of a child's dreams, gorgeous printing and innovative post-press techniques remind us what it was like to dream without limits.

Dream is the first of a four-part series for Domtar's Cougar. It will be followed by Journey, Live and Share. The series will lead up to a gallery-style promotion that will feature the work of a variety of creatives throughout the design industry who print on Cougar. Dream also introduces the Cougar Paper Community - an online gallery allowing individuals to share ideas and inspire.  Anyone interested in participating can mail your pieces printed on Cougar to:

Cougar Paper Community - 100 Kingsley Park Drive, Fort Mill, South Carolina 29715

Be sure to include your name and contact information. Anyone who has printed on Cougar is welcome to participate. Participation is free but printed pieces cannot be returned. The Cougar Paper Community can be found on Facebook and Pinterest, too. A larger unveiling will take place in the near future - stay tuned. In the meantime, grab a copy of Dream from you O-K Paper specifications representative.

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We are busy distributing the NEW Sterling Premium swatchbook. Sterling Premium is our new coated sheet from New Page. A coated paper choice that has been tooled with premium optics, print performance and surface. This is all done at a No. 2 price. Wow! Forget all about coated paper rankings that are just based on brightness. Think about all the other equally important attributes of a coated sheet - surface uniformity, smoothness, opacity and bulk.  Say hello to Sterling Premium!

Visit Itshiftseverything.com and sign up to be a lucky winner in the eight weeks of giveaways from New Page. With the introduction to Sterling Premium, we say goodbye to Productolith and Centura. We've got great pricing on these sheets to offer. Visit our O-K Featured Papers list in the Pricebook section of our website. Don't miss out on great savings as we make room for more Sterling Premium on our warehouse floor. Contact your O-K Representative for great deals on Centura and Productolith. And even more to come on our new coated sheet, Sterling Premium.

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04252012 craneslettra

Letterpress fans rejoice! Neenah’s 100% cotton Crane’s Lettra has a few new additions. They’ve added a new mid-weight 90 lb. Cover to the product line that is available in all three colors—Fluorscent White, Pearl White and Ecru. You can choose from either traditional finish or the new HP certified digital finish! Also, sizes and weights for the Ecru White shade have expanded, along with Ecru White envelope styles. AND, we've added select LETTRA products into our inventory. Contact your friendly O-K Paper Representative for the full update or to test samples of the new sheets today!

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