• 19 August 2014 Oh the possibilities of Gold Dry Ink for Kodak Nexpress. Thanks for the digital inspiration @neenahflash http://t.co/Rl8wjYl5qO
  • 19 August 2014 Pow! Digital gold ink on neenahpaper's Environment with a Kodak Nexpress. #okknowsdigital http://t.co/hPAfivAsyH
  • 11 August 2014 Just arrived: Picture Perfection from neenahpaper #foilstamp #pavkaging #digitalwhite #wow http://t.co/98fyIHPxxz
  • 08 August 2014 In 2012, over 65% of paper consumed in the U.S. was recovered for recycling as reported by American Forest and Paper Association.

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It's here! The latest paper update from Neenah Paper.  The Royal brand of papers and Sundance have been combined to create ROYAL SUNDANCE™. The resulting paper collection offers a diverse and economical brand with five common colors across four finishes - felt, fiber, smooth, linen and laid. Each finish is available in a wide range of whites and popular business colors in basis weights from 24 Writing to 110 Cover. And the digital offering has been expanded also. The wildly popular Fiber finish has fourteen color choices.  ROYAL SUNDANCE™ is a brilliant, economical offering that provides the perfect backdrop for any message. And, it's FSC Certified, manufactured with 100% renewable green electricity and acid-free with archival properties for permanence and stability. All colors (except Brilliant White) are manufactured with a minimum 30% post consumer fibers and are green seal certified. The 100 PC White is 100% post consumer and is also Processed Chlorine Free (PCF). You can always depend on the reliability and performance of ROYAL SUNDANCE™ Papers on press. Contact your O-K Paper representative to get an introduction and the new swatchbook.

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07232012 texasclassicfinalists

Screen Shot 2012-08-13 at 10.50.25 AM

The Neenah Classic Car Contest has announced the top ten finalists and winner. James O'Connor from O'Connor Design in Glen Ellyn, Illinois won the Mustang. But three of the top ten finalist were from the great state of Texas! These three Texas finalists competed against some the best designers out there for a chance to win a brand new 2012 Mustang. Read on to discover what these Texas rivals brought to the table. Congrats to each! Austin, Dallas and Houston represents!

Screen Shot 2012-08-13 at 10.25.52 AM

Matchbox Studio Identity on Classic Crest, Solar White

Dallas | Ft. Worth: Matchbox Studio
In 1997, partners Jeff Breazeale and Liz Burnett founded Matchbox Studio in Deep Ellum, a musically historic neighborhood of Dallas. Today, Matchbox is an award-winning print and interactive design firm with clientele ranging from major universities to restaurant groups. They believe, “We’ve found that good design defies explanation. It connects emotionally. It spurs thought and action. It doesn’t give everything away. Good design leaves a spark gap for the imagination of the viewer to cross. Good design is a form of communication that, when done properly, does more than just communicate a message – it creates an impression.”

Screen Shot 2012-08-13 at 10.19.46 AM

Over Yonder Cay Identity on Classic Crest, Stipple

Austin: Asterisk Group
Since 1999, Asterisk Group has been in the business of fine print, environmental and interactive design. Principals Shawn and Susanne Harrington combine big agency talent with small firm benefits to form truly integrated customer experiences. Their clientele spans across diverse industries, from Retail to Healthcare and Real Estate. They believe, “Whether as stand-alone assignments or complete graphic overhauls, realized on paper or in a store environment, our work is united by its commitment to underlying brand messages and business goals.” Plus, they’re a Sappi Ideas That Matter 2005 Grant Recipient!


Screen Shot 2012-08-13 at 10.31.00 AM

Visualize on Classic Crest Canyon Brown and Natural White, Smooth

Houston: Prism Design, Inc.
This Houston based graphic design and marketing firm has done it all—from branding to direct marketing, since 1985. They involve their clients in a six step process that results in original ideas backed by knowledgeable insight. From corporate identities and print collateral to web design, Prism unveils hidden opportunities. Clients include those in the Energy Sector, Public Service and Human Resources. Becky Chaffin, O-K Specifications Representative, regards them highly, “It’s inspiring to work with a great design agency like Prism.  Their fun loving attitude for paper and life, make them a joy to call on!  They enjoy learning about the newest paper brands, especially Neenah Paper, and rave about Olmsted-Kirk.”

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Over the past few weeks, NewPage Corporation has delivered a direct mail teaser campaign and emails featuring the following tag lines:

  • The current value equation has lost its value. 
  • A new answer is coming.
  • Old assumptions are just that. Old
  • You deserve a new answer. It’s coming soon.
  • Current options no longer meet today's needs. 

These seemingly puzzling statements now add up to form an answer—NEW Sterling Premium. This radical new coated paper choice from NewPage has been described as a retooled Sterling Ultra with premium optics and print performance at a No. 2 price. Now, that’s a Win-Win! Forget about coated paper rankings which are just based on brightness of a coated sheet. Think about all the other equally important attributes of a coated sheet - surface uniformity, smoothness, finish, opacity and bulk.  And with all the imported sheets, were you even really comparing apples to apples when looking at coated sheets? Say hello to Sterling Premium! The only paper you'll ever need.

Check out further details about this revolutionary new sheet and sign up to be a lucky winner in eight weeks worth of giveaways at Itshiftseverything.com. With the introduction to Sterling Premium, we must also say goodbye to old favorites Productolith and Centura—it’s time to shift to a new standard in Sterling Premium. Productolith and Centura papers won’t disappear from the O-K Paper inventory just yet. We still have plenty of both available. Contact your O-K Representative availability today! And remember, we begin taking orders on Sterling Premium August 6th! More details to follow as Olmsted-Kirk introduces you to this new sheet.

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