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mooddream showcase inset

cantrell pr luminares 9

MOONDREAM® is one of the most unique products within the Neenah Design Collection. This seemingly plain white, vellum finish sheet looks simple enough. But, it's just so dreamy. When heat and pressure are applied, MOONDREAM comes alive revealing transparency into your design. It is an innovative and technically advanced paper that becomes translucent with the application of a blind hot-stamp. It is ideally suited for sculpted multi-level embossing. MOONDREAM is avialable in 95 Text, 89 cover and 148 Cover. At recent design events around Texas, Olmsted-Kirk introduced folks to this sheet with drawings in each city for a superb, limited edition Luminares poster by Kevin Cantrell. The poster was blind, hot-stamped on MOONDREAM showing the true beauty and use of this unique sheet. It's available in short package counts of 50 and 100 sheets.

 Next up in our Neenah Design Collection introduction: PLIKE


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ESSE showcase

Take a fresh look at ESSE Papers in the recently released Design Collection from Neenah. ESSE (pronounced "S"-ah) features an organic, grid-like texture and a smooth, pearlized offering. The color palette ranges from bright, saturated colors to luxurious, mica-infused metallics. The "texture" finish is produced with a watermark and is so unique that it's been patented. The metallic, pearlized sheets are manufactured free from metals and utilize natural pigments for their pearlized look. ESSE's unique color palette is from the creative mind of world renowned colorist Beatrice Santiccioli.

ESSE is available in writing, text and cover weights ranging from 24 writing, 80 text to 105 cover. Note, the 24 writing has a delicate, small square watermark that has been sublty crafted as to not overwhelm your message. ESSE continues to be Green Seal Certified and made with a minimum of 30% post consumer fiber. Other notable changes are the deletion of a few colors - Rosa and Spruce and just a few of the pearlized sheets - juniper and willow.

ESSE is a great alternative if you're missing the Weave finish in EAMES.

Up Next in our introduction to the paper's of Neenah's Design Collection: MOONDREAM (it's sooo dreamy)

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eames showcase
Get reacquainted with the EAMES Papers. They are now a part of the Design Collection of papers from Neenah. EAMES features texture and color inspired by the architecture and design collections of Charles and Ray Eames. With this refresh, EAMES is now offered in their three most popular finishes: Canvas, Diffused and the soft Vellum. The distinctive Canvas finish is reminiscent of a painter's canvas. The Diffused finish is a crepe-like texture available in a 50 text only. It is perfect for fly sheets and belly bands. Don't let the partially transparent look fool you. This delicate-looking paper is strong with water and tear resistance. And we love the soft, toothy and subtle finish of EAMES Vellum. You probably do, too. EAMES papers are recycled with 30% post consumer fiber (excluding the Architecture finish). It is available in a range of weights from 24 Writing to 120 Double Thich Cover.

If you're missing the Weave finish in EAMES, look to ESSE. It's a great alternative. We'll meet this Design Collection Paper next as we go through the eleven grades that make up this new collection of papers. While supplies last, there is still some inventory left on the floor at Neenah in the Weave finish. An O-K paper rep can look into that for you.

Up Next: ESSE

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