• 19 August 2015 Did you know our EuroArt Plus from @SappiNA is TRIPLE coated? http://t.co/mbGOdM4zS3
  • 19 August 2015 EuroArt Plus is our go to paper when you need a great coated surface at an economical price. More on our blog. http://t.co/mbGOdM4zS3
  • 19 August 2015 Life unfolds on paper. https://t.co/WkvAdh7RkK
  • 18 August 2015 Allow us to take you on a tour of the newly updated @MohawkPaper Strathmore Writing, Text and Cover swatch book. http://t.co/0guHmAOZFi

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Our extremely vivid and bright line of paper - ASTROBRIGHTS® has just been updated and refreshed with a new swatchbook. This collection of twenty-five boldly colored text and cover papers has expanded weights and even duplex colors. Utilize ASTROBRIGHTS® when you need to brighten up your print projects with a true punch of color. Did you know when you add color to your business documents, they return the favor with better response rates +20%*, better retention rates +18%* and readership improves by as much as 40%*? A great reason to go bold and bright.
ASTROBRIGHTS® have been around since 1969 - the height of the space race, Apollo 11 and the moon landing. That’s the reason for those out-of-this-world color names — Lift-Off Lemon, Solar Yellow, Lunar Blue. More about that in this Neenah Paper Behind the Scenes video with Chuck Hodgdon, originator of the ASTROBRIGHTS® brand.

The expanded colors are now offered in an wide variety of weights - 50, 60, 70 Text plus 65, 80 and 100 Cover. The most intriguing weight would be the three 135 lb. Duplex colors - Solar Yellow/Bright White and Terra Green/Bright White and Solar Yellow/Terra Green. And if you are looking for the densest black, look no further than Eclipse Black. Need a matching envelope? Don’t worry, standard envelope sizes are available plus we can easily and quickly get you any of thirty-three style and sizes from the mill with a 3-5 day making time. It’s so easy. ASTROBRIGHTS® are economically priced and FSC® certified because forests matter.


*Statistic Sources from the Color Marketing Group and the American Paper Institute.

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Our live’s here at Olmsted-Kirk are bound to paper. This simple material enchants us each day. We believe that paper has a voice and your audience responds to it. We’ve been supplying our clients with a wide selection of stocks for the past 110 years. We believe paper is as critical to print design as ink, images and typography. This Valentine’s Day we are happy to shout it out by using the hashtags #WeLovePaper and #OKlovesPaper. Join us.

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Thank you to everyone that got involved in our #IKnowOkey contest. Our paper afficiando of all things paper really got around Texas and the USA. We hope you'll continue to share your adventures with Okey even though the contest has ended. We randomly pulled the winner for the incredible prize of a Belair Jettsetter Camera. And the winner is...



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