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SO...SILK: The surface is what sets this sheet apart from other pearlized papers. It's SUPER SMOOTH or "unusually smooth". The iridescents of So...Silk changes chromatically depending on which angle you look at it from. Its surface has been enhanced with silk fibers to add a fabric-like qualtiy and softness to the sheet. All 8 fashion colors are bold and attention grabbing created with a nod to the fashion runways of Italy. The opalent, pearlized surface coating has been manufactured with no heavy metals to ensure recyclability. So...Silk is available in 88 text, 92 cover and a hefty 130 cover. Because of it's surface, printing requires fully oxidizing inks.

For a full introduction to So...Silk, contact your O-K paper representative.

Only 3 papers left to introduce you to in Neenah's new Design Collection. Let's meet Stardream next.

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Oxford Diptic

Oxford, one of Neenah's ultra-premium paper grades is now a part of the new Design Collection. The woven texture of Oxford is modeled after the traditional oxford shirt. Renowned design curator Holly Hunt lent her vision to the palette of paper colors. All Oxford papers are green seal certified and manufactured with a minimum of 30% post consumer fiber. The updated line has eleven Colors and two 130 lb. duplexes - Blue Chip/Cream and Profit/Path. You can utilize Oxford for digital needs with 18 x 12 sheets in White, 100 Cover.

We're on to the 8th paper that is part of the Design Collection: So...Silk

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plike showcase
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Meet PLIKE®, another very unique paper within the Design Collection. It has an artistically "plastic-like" surface. Don't be fooled by other suede feeling sheets, PLIKE is the original of the soft touch surface papers. It is unmatched in foil stamping results. And these beautiful results continue when silk screening, embossing or die-cutting. There are 10 rich colors in 122 Cover. Three colors -- Black, White and Red are available in 95 Text which means matching envelopes are readily available in these 3 colors also. If you want to get your message across, this plush, one-of-a-kind surface excudes luxury.

Because of PLIKE's unique surface, you'll want to get maximum printing outcomes. Pretesting is recommended. Take a look at these PLIKE® printing tips.

Next, we'll reintroduce you to OXFORD.

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