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Desktop blog 540

The temps are high in Texas but Fall is just around the corner. That means the kids will be back in school soon, the start of football will begin and work tasks will crank up to high gear. As the workload and print projects multiply, your computer desktop might be getting out of hand, possibly cluttered. With the help of the fine folks at LewisCarnegie, we've come up with a paper-inspired, organizational desktop wallpaper to help tidy up loose icons and folders scattered on your desktop. You'll find areas to drop files - "File This", "Do Not Forget", "In Progress".

If getting organized isn't needed, we've got a couple fun O-K graphics to spruce up your computer space. Each are availalbe in 1600 x 1200 and 2560 x 1500 sizes. Let the downloading begin. #OKOrganized

OK Organizer BLOG 

1600 x 1200 size "O-K, Let's Do This"
2560 x 1500 size "O-K, Let's Do This"


To freshen up your desktop. Try one of these.

AllrightOK desktop blog

1600 x 1200 size "Alright, Alright, O-K"
2560 x 1500 size "Alright, Alright, O-K"


ItsAlwaysOK desktop blog

1600 x 1200 size "It's Always O-K"
2560 x 1500 size "It's Always O-K"

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Fresh arrival into the O-K sample room is Neenah’s promotion, Future Classic. Seven emerging artists creatively interpret the cities they live in on Neenah's family of Classics® papers. Discover, touch, and experience each destination via the power of paper, print and the creative minds of each of these brilliant artists.

Cut-paper artist and designer, Emily Brown of Portland was inspired by its green spaces. A die-cut sleeve and embossed insert on Classic Crest® and Classic Columns® invite you to the park under a canopy of trees.

Neenah-FutureClassics-3-Portland LR 

Illustrator and surface designer, Kate Zaremba of Washington DC takes you illustratively through the some of her favorite art spaces in the city. Utilizing gold foil and spot colors of her fine line drawings on the toothy surface of Classic Crest®, Eggshell, Avalanche White.

Neenah-FutureClassics-6-DC-close LR

WorkTable 540

Sarah Jacoby, illustrator and designer from Philadelphia introduces us to the Mummer’s mask. The Mummer’s encapsulate what Sarah loves about Philadelphia: its inherent strangeness, irreverence and history. She created a hand-cut mask made of slivers of Classic® Linen, Classic Crest® and Classic® Laid. The "must be seen and worn" mask has been photographed and printed 4 color process digitally on Classic® Linen Digital on a HP Indigo 7000.

Neenah-FutureClassics-10-Philadelphia-close LR


Faun Chapin & Meg Paradise are designers and founders of Guts & Glory. They have used the idea of music to represent Oakland, California. A flat foil stamp in gold of the duo’s line illustrations are stunning on Classic Crest® Pewter. The same gold foil is used for the label on the attached “spinning” record made of Crest, stipple finish in Epic Black. Raised UV creates the unique surface texture on the “vinyl” record.

Neenah-FutureClassics-9-Oakland-close LR

Screenshot 2015-06-19 11.48.28

Illustrator/designer, Jay Fleck, opens our stomachs to Chicago with his interpretation of the city with a transit map hotdog. Two hits of opaque white, mustard yellow, metallic silver and a red, flat foil stamp bring his graphic illustration to life on Classic Crest®, Patriot Blue, stipple finish.

Neenah-FutureClassics-7-Chicago LR

Russell Shaw is a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator from Atlanta, Georgia. His “Atlanta on 30,000 Calories” fan book takes us through this foodie city. Printed on several different shades of white in pure and fibered sheets; you see how the crisp mint and dense black inks pop differently on each of the different white sheets of Classic® Laid and Classic Crest® while working effectively together. Shaw’s whimsical illustrations and hand-lettering are brilliant.

Neenah-FutureClassics-12-Atlanta-Monday LR


This is a must see, must have promotion. Contact your Olmsted-Kirk representative for your own copy of Future Classic.

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As we enter July, Olmsted-Kirk celebrates its 110th year in the paper business. We are as enthusiastic about paper as the day the company was founded. In 1905, founders Harry Olmsted and Myron Kirk resolved to provide their customers with nothing less than the finest in paper. Today, helping our print and design customers find the right product for each and every job continues to be our company's mission. #OKbirthday

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