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environment relaunch

It's official! Although we've been out showing swatchbooks and selling this grade already; we've been waiting to tell you about it here on our blog until we could link up to  NeenahPaper.com with the news. We're just so darn excited about the relaunch of this tried and true recycled, FSC® certified, carbon neutral grade. Here it is -- Environment is out with fresh new colors and the proprietary, rough RAW™ finish. How can we describe this new finish? Think of that feeling of a vintage coloring book but, on steriods.

env waterfall
The new palette of colors has fresh, warm, flecked yellows and grays. The Grocer's Kraft finally answers that question we've gotten for so long "Do you have kraft that looks just like a brown paper bag?" With this relaunch of the palette, there are seven new colors to complement Environment's existing whites.

And let's talk weights -- writing, text, cover and double-thick covers. The newly crafted RAW™ finish calipers or "bulks out" heavier than its tell-tale weight in numbers.  If you love the feel of a heavier, sturdier stock; you'll be pleased with the RAW™ finish. The 80 cover feels oh so substantial. The 100 cover will make you swoon. The 120 and 130 double-thicks will have you over the moon.

Here are the additions we've made to our Environment stocking program for Olmsted-Kirk:
    70 Text & 100 Cover in RAW™ finish - Honeycomb, Grocer's Kraft, Concrete
    and Wrought Iron
    100 Cover, Desert Storm, Smooth
    RAW™ Digital Finish - 100 Cover Grocer's Kraft (Digital Sizes)
    100 Cover & 80 Text Digital Finish, Smooth in Desert Storm (Digital Sizes)

Get in touch with your Olmsted-Kirk representative for a introduction to this new swatchbook of inspiration.Take a look behind the scenes with Design Army at the inspiration for the Environment relaunch.

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Do you ever get frustrated trying to  print from your mobile phone? It's now easier than ever with @Hammermill's free print app. Share this video to let everyone know how easy it can be to print from your phone. With the Print Hammermill app for iphone and android, you'll be able to print to any wireless printer from your phone or tablet. It's a $12.95 value and it's free for a limited time only. Thanks Hammermill.

Download Print @Hammermill today. Feel free to print.

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dc1 dc3

dc5 dc4

Neenah just released a promotional deck of cards on the new Design Collection papers. This gorgeous deck of twenty-nine 4" x 7 1/2" cards are binded together with a black ball-chain and are seated in a die-cut, and multi foiled sleeve on Eames, Charcoal. Each page demonstrates the huge variety of colors and finishes that are available in this collection of papers. And each sheet uitilizes a different print process. You'll find four color process, foil stamping, metallic inks, letterpress, die-cuts, embossing, four color digital work and even engraving.

If you haven't been introduced to the Design Collection, we've posted detailed introductions in previous blog posts on each of these eleven brands -just follow the links for each paper. The Design Collection papers are made in America and Italy and have been combined into ONE design collection from Neenah. If you're looking for color, heavywieghts, "pop" or texture - this is the swatchbook to browse for your next print project. It contains five grades you know: EAMES®, ESSE®, OXFORD®, TETON®, STARWHITE® AND six grades from Italian papermaker, Gruppo Cordenons - CANELETTO, MOONDREAM®, PLIKE®, STARDREAM®, SO...SILK® and WILD.

We've added many of these sheets into our inventory. Plus envelopes in TETON® and STARDREAM®. Contact your Olmsted-Kirk representative for more information about our stocked inventory and an introduction to the Design Collection. To get your copy of this promotion, contact your Olmsted-Kirk specification representative. It's in limited supply.

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