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It's small, handy and ready to work for you. Meet our "Neenah Next Day Digital Swatch Stick". Every sheet you see in it is stocked locally and available for next day delivery. Not only that, we've included our O-K item numbers on each sheet and in-stock availabilty of corresponding envelopes for each paper. Our swatch stick is full of colors from Solar White to Eclipse Black. It has textures -- from smooth, linen to raw, stipple and eggshell. The variety of papers is amazing - you'll find the Classics® to the metallics of Stardream and ESSE. Plus, we have included inventory of Astrobrights, UV Ultra II translucents and 100% cotton LETTRA. It's all here for any job that is going onto your presses. It's all digital ready with Neenah's Universal Digital finish and guarrantee. Whether you are running dry toner or HP Indigo presses, these papers will run like a champ.

Get in touch with your customer service rep or your O-K representative to get your very own swatch stick. And start enjoying the quick availability of all of these sheets.

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Neenah Paper has recently released The Classic Paper Tool Kit, an inspirational guide to color and texture possibilities with the Classic brands. Long time paper enthusiasts will feel nostalgic digging through this kit, as it is filled with some paper industry items commonly used in years past. Inside the hypnotic, black and white patterned kit are five distinct items:

  • Color Mixer Fan Swatch - Thirty different color palette suggestions to inspire you. At the top of each swatch in this fan, you'll find one of the Perfect 10 colors along with suggested color and texture pairings below.
  • Perfect10 Fan Swatch - Shows you each of the Perfect 10 colors and textures in a larger size to touch and feel.
  • Sheet Cut Calculator - Turn the wheel of this handy device and discover how many sheets can be cut from a particular sheet size.
  • Envelope Guide - A compact envelope resource of sizes and styles to find the perfect carrier for your next project.
  • Portfolio Kit - Features true to life printed samples of the palette suggestions in the Color Mixer.

Trust us, this is an ample sample of paper not to be missed. Beautiful and useful. It doesn't get any better than this. Contact your O-K Representative for your Classic Paper Tool Kit today!

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Happy Friday and welcome to the final day of our focus on the educational reference piece The Standard No. 5: Special Effects from Sappi. Each day this week, we've given you detailed information along with tips to make each special effect work for you. Today's focus... 

Special Printing Technique: FOIL STAMPING

05152012 foilstamping

Foiled by the shiny robot? In its printed form, this robot was created with holographic patterned and brushed aluminum foils on each of its sprockets. Although foil stamping is a common, well-known special effect these days, the range of possibilities is quite vast. Foil stamping is a heat-stamp process of transferring pigment, clear or metallic foil to paper. It can be combined with embossing to create a dimensional image. Foil stamping was originally developed to replicate gold leaf in the late nineteenth century. Today, you can find a wide variety of gloss, dull and pastel foils called "pigment" foils along with the traditional range of "metallic" foils. And don't forget those patterned, holographic foils that shimmer with the colors of the rainbow with crazy patterns to delight the eye. Foil stamping brings serious shine to any project. Here are some technical tips:

  • The smoother the surface, the shinier the foil. Coated sheets tend to stamp brighter than uncoated sheets. Some foils are formulated for different surfaces. Consult your finisher for the right combination and always test.
  • While it is possible to foil stamp fine details, it is difficult to hold open fine reverses. For example, the inside of the letter "e" often plugs up if the type is smaller than 8 points.
  • Foils can be overprinted with ink for even more creative possibilities. Always test the foil to make sure that it allows the ink to properly adhere before going to press.

Sappi, Standard No. 5: Special Effects is printed on various finishes of McCoy, an environmentally responsible premium coated sheet. We have a very limited supply of this paper tool. Contact your O-K Sales or Specification representive to request a copy while supplies last.

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