• 03 February 2016 Carta Solida has great print performance and outstanding folding properties. Plus, FDA approved for food contact. https://t.co/OxOn79AqJH
  • 02 February 2016 He ain't heavy, he's ANCORA. Take a closer look at this hefty coated board on our blog. #whatboardareyou https://t.co/50uspjRXrl
  • 29 January 2016 Happy Friday. Have you gotten your paperboard selector from your friendly O-K rep? https://t.co/CGviGtkCqq
  • 27 January 2016 Two foil stamps done, one to go. Calendars just days away. #okpaperco #alrightalrightOK https://t.co/knJk8WdX48

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Introducing a new swatchbook we dare you to tear. Neenah's PaperTyger is a durable printing paper that is tear, water and grease resistant. It's made out of REAL paper—no synthetics here—and it prints with the ease of an uncoated sheet. This durability comes from a patented paper/film/paper process and it's guaranteed for digital, laser and offset printing. You'll find two new colors available: Translucent White and Kraft Tan. It's a great choice for any project requiring an extended shelf life such as maps, menus, ID cards, hang tags and more. And it has fantatstic fold endurance.

Do you have an idea for a PaperTyger application? We’d love for you to share! Contact your O-K Representative for sample sheets or your copy of the new PaperTyger swatchbook today!

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