• 29 July 2014 @fd2s Just put them up front and we'll pop in with some new paper goodies and grab those. Thanks.
  • 29 July 2014 Correction. Gold ink for digital printing webinar sponsored by @NeenahPaper is on Thursday. We got a bit excited. Can you blame us?
  • 29 July 2014 Gold ink for digital printing??? Webinar by @NeenahPaper tomorrow. Sign up here. http://t.co/NIO0xZYgOr
  • 29 July 2014 @fd2s We'd love to enter in the Neenah Paperworks contest. Can we get a couple sets?

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04252012 accentswatch

Bring your “A” game with Accent Opaque. This sporty new swatchbook is available from International Paper. It's complete with an easy-to-navigate layout and printed samples on every basis weight and color - even digital. If you're looking for the ideal alternative to Wausau Exact Ice which was recently discontinued - look no further. Accent Opaque is available in both white and warm white shades - smooth, super smooth and vellum. You can't afford a paper that goes into a slump. You need a winner and Accent Opaque is FSC certified, too. To update your swatchbook collection, or to take a swing at an alternative opaque, contact your O-K Paper Representative today!

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