• 02 October 2014 Okey Dokey on press with neenahpaper's Royal Sundance #OkeyApproved #IKnowOkey #okpaperco http://t.co/31TdTZCMZu
  • 30 September 2014 Ed #16 just arrived. Thanks @NewPageCorp - All about digital printing. #okdigital #okpaperco http://t.co/eGpWbwPaca
  • 23 September 2014 RT @aigahouston: AIGA Houston Daily is out! http://t.co/PdZFUGUll1 Stories via @pgteam
  • 22 September 2014 @theamandajill @judyisokay @BlakeleyWarner @CirclesConf Yes, great event. We paper enthusiasts need to stick together. DR, here we come!

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Neenah is busy getting ready for the big introduction of the revised Classic® Brands on October 3rd. But they still have time to create and share useful tools with us. CABINET™ is their new app.  It's not designed to replace your Neenah swatchbooks. It's designed to help them work better. Cabinet™ allows you to compare, search, filter and even mark your favorite Neenah stocks virtually. Keep track of your paper specs on printing jobs and more. And because Cabinet™ automatically updates itself over the Internet via Adobe Air®, you always have the latest and greatest information right at your fingertips. That said, Cabinet™ is an app that runs from your desktop and not the internet. It has an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that allows you to customize it just the way you want it. Start the downloading now.

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