Mohawk Maker Quarterly No. 11

MOH MMQ11 12

Mohawk’s popular Maker Quarterly series is out with their 11th issue. This installment is all about the journey to making - the process. And because process is the star here, you’ll find incredible process notes from Hybrid Design throughout. Some of the information is frivolous fun like how many cups of Phil’s Coffee they drank since beginning the project. So much more of these liner notes are useful. For example, they share the process of creating the special rough edge trim. It was created by actually nicking the printer’s cutting blade till they got the result they wanted. Or the behind the scenes info on the open, smyth sewn bindery with a different color thread utilized in each sewing stacks. These different colored stacks created gorgeous centerfolds of thread in each section of the issue.

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No. 11 is a real meaty issue and it will take you time to read and review everything that Mohawk has packed into this issue. Weaved into the Mohawk Maker Quarterly are stories about makers who have navigated unique paths to their end product. This is a "keeper". Don't lend it out, you might not get it back.

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You’ll enjoy reading stories on the power of sketching, our digital lives, how process can elevate a product, how a place can seep into your work to a in depth look at the process of design thinking. A real treat is the photo expose in section 3 that allows you to step inside the Mohawk paper mill. This issue of Maker is divided into five sections and each section is printed on a different Mohawk sheet.
Section 1: Beginnings is printed on Mohawk VIA, Felt, 80 Text
Section 2: Participation is printed on Mohawk Loop, Antique Vellum, Husk, 80 Text
Section 3: Place is printed on Mohawk Options, Smooth, 100% PC Cream White, 80 Text
Section 4: Practice is printed on Mohawk VIA, Laid, Natural, 70 Text
Section 5: Product is printed on Mohawk Loop, Linen, Restful Blue, 70 Text

The Mohawk Maker Quarterly issue eleven was skillfully printed using four color printing, match green, match pink, match blue, match light blue and spot dull varnish.  Get in touch with your Olmsted-Kirk representative to get your copy. For even more on this issue, pop over to Mohawk's Felt and Wire.

Mohawk Maker Quarterly No. 9

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The ninth issue of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly is out. It has been completely re-designed. What was an already stunning publication has gotten even better. This issue features printing on Mohawk papers - Carnival, Via, Loop and includes a letterpress insert on the new ultra-thick 150 cover of luxurious Superfine. We think you'll agree that all of these papers work together to make something special.
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The beautifully printed Maker No. 9 doesn't have just one cover but three that lead you into the theme of this quarterly - Inspiration. Articles and photos on the subject range from collecting, the art of NASA, quitting your job to grafitti art.
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You'll find several feature articles enhanced with bonus content you'll find at Mohawk Live. Mohawk Live is a free app that brings print to life. It's exciting to hold a beautifully printed piece in your hands. The Mohawk Live app provides seamless integration of print with dynamic, interactive content that transforms a one-dimensional image to a multidimensional experience featuring 3-D images, videos, photos, infographics and animations.

Get your copy of Maker Quarterly No. 9 from your Olmsted-Kirk representative.

Are You ProDigital Knight?

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whatboard shadow-01Meet ProDigital Knight. The final product introduction in our "What Board Are You?" coated board selection tool. ProDigital Knight is a digital SBS (solid bleached substrate) board available in C1S (coated one side) and C2S (coated two side) in calipers from 8PT all the way up to 16PT. This sheet is a stunning 93 bright, blue-white shade. You'll love the looks of it and how it performs on your digital presses. Double win - it's suitable for liquid or dry toner presses. ProDigital Knight shines bright with a 3-star HP Indigo Certification from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Even the washcoated side of its C1S received the 3-star rating. It boasts fast ink-set and it is FSC® certified. If you need to slay some paper dragons, go into battle with our ProDigital Knight. You won't be disappointed.

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Are you Productolith Pts?

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whatboard shadow-01Meet Productolith Pts. - one of the five boards grades you'll find in our "What Board Are You?" swatch tool. If you haven't run this sheet, you need to get aquainted quick. It has so much to offer. This C1S (coated one side) and C2S (coated two side) cover is made right here in the USA. It has bright blue-white optics and is made with 10% post-consumer recycled content with a 90 brightness. Plus, it's FSC® certified because forests matter. Not only will you find Productolith Pts. in folio size sheets but we stock the matching digital sheets also. This is a great combo when you have larger volume jobs that need a digital match for coordinated projects with smaller run sizes or variable data content. Productolith Pts. Digital is 3 star rated for HP Indigo and runs successfully on dry toner digital presses also. That 3 star rating is on both sides of the sheet. If you are producing a post card, the 9 pt caliper meets the requirements for postal applications. Needless to say, you can count on Productolith Pts. to deliver great print and converting performance on press. 

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Are you Kallima?

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whatboard shadow-01Let's continue our discussion of the five coated board grades in our new “What Board Are You?” swatch promotion. We just recently introduced this must-have sample book. Get connected with us if you haven't gotten yours. Let's review Kallima.
FSC®-certified Kallima C1S (coated one side) and C2S (coated two side) are ideal grades for your coated cover printing needs. You can produce beautiful, vivid print while saving up to 20% on paper cost and shipping of printed material. Kallima has a unique, low density, high bulk construction giving your print job stiffness and presence while yielding savings. Measure yours here. Kallima has a bright, blue-white shade that is perfect for top quality jobs. It has a consistent printability and you can rely on it to get the job done. It is 90 bright, archival and manufactured elementally chlorine free (ECF).