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Neenah just released a promotional deck of cards on the new Design Collection papers. This gorgeous deck of twenty-nine 4" x 7 1/2" cards are binded together with a black ball-chain and are seated in a die-cut, and multi foiled sleeve on Eames, Charcoal. Each page demonstrates the huge variety of colors and finishes that are available in this collection of papers. And each sheet uitilizes a different print process. You'll find four color process, foil stamping, metallic inks, letterpress, die-cuts, embossing, four color digital work and even engraving.

If you haven't been introduced to the Design Collection, we've posted detailed introductions in previous blog posts on each of these eleven brands -just follow the links for each paper. The Design Collection papers are made in America and Italy and have been combined into ONE design collection from Neenah. If you're looking for color, heavywieghts, "pop" or texture - this is the swatchbook to browse for your next print project. It contains five grades you know: EAMES®, ESSE®, OXFORD®, TETON®, STARWHITE® AND six grades from Italian papermaker, Gruppo Cordenons - CANELETTO, MOONDREAM®, PLIKE®, STARDREAM®, SO...SILK® and WILD.

We've added many of these sheets into our inventory. Plus envelopes in TETON® and STARDREAM®. Contact your Olmsted-Kirk representative for more information about our stocked inventory and an introduction to the Design Collection. To get your copy of this promotion, contact your Olmsted-Kirk specification representative. It's in limited supply.

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Are you busy wrapping packages? Have you started the shopping and planning for time with family and friends? Here at Olmsted-Kirk, we are really in the holiday spirit. And we want to spread our paper good cheer.  We offer you this free downloadable pdf of specially designed labels. They are ready-to-print on our adhesive backed Wausau Coated Die Cut label No. DC72012 or Avery 5164. These nice sized labels - 3 1/3" x 4", will easily allow you to add your own handwritten message. Don't have any of these label sheets? Check in with nearest O-K Paper Center for a box of either labels. Call ahead and they can have them waiting for you at the front counter. You can also find the Avery labels on our myokorders.com, office and supply site. Or simply print the file out on any sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper you've got laying around. We printed some of ours on Neenah, Sundance, Felt, Ultra Bright White. Then we cut them out, added holes, metal eyelets and some ribbon.

This free download is for personal use only.
Download PDF here. Give it a second to download and enjoy.

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December is here and our specification sales elves are out and about spreading paper and Holiday Cheer to the design community. Becky, Blakeley, Judy, Lesa and Mike are busily distributing our 2014 calendars: Look Ahead, It's Always O-K. This retro, 3-month, at-a-glancer, begins with the month of December. It is our third year creating these and we knew for 2014 that we wanted to utilize letterpess printing. The folks at LewisCarnegie embraced our wishes and knocked it out of the park for us with this year's design.

Here's all the details on the paper and printing. The calendar's backers were hand-fed letterpressed in two colors on a Vandercook Universall III at Elation Press. Ron and Lora did an amazing job with this over-sized piece that required three passes through their press, never blinking an eye at our request. Did we mention it was "hand-fed"? The papers were chosen very thoughtfully - utilizing the stocks from the new Neenah Design Collection. Our backer is on Neenah, Design Collection, WILD, 166 Cover. This sheet contains 35% cotton content and has a heavy vellum finish which really pushed the vintage edge we were looking to achieve. Even though this sheet drinks ink, Elation Press was able to lay down saturated and large solids for us. Their attention to detail and craftsmanship is evident with just a glance and then again, as you look and feel the printing in detail. Our stair-step calendar sheets are printed on 6 various colors of the Neenah, Design Collection, STARDREAM. Tear off each of the 13 sheets as the months of 2014 pass - your calendar transforms your wall with colors of the opulent and pearlized STARDREAM papers. These sheets were printed by DiscPro and then sent onto bindery and finishing where die-cuts were pressed, sheets were cut, collated, and stapled. Voila! Holiday Paper Cheer.

For your copy, contact your Olmsted-Kirk specification sales rep. Happy Holidays!

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