• 19 October 2014 !!! RT @texalona: Doing some shopping on Rodeo Dr. #IKnowOkey #onlywindowshopping #cantevenaffordthat @ Rodeo Drive http://t.co/ijkm9Nu08f
  • 11 October 2014 RT @printmag: Jessica Hische & Penguin collaborated on these stunning book covers. http://t.co/B6pwK36kO7 See them up close: http://t.co/Oy…
  • 11 October 2014 RT @texalona: Okey Dokey's fav part of the villa was the papyrus #IKnowOkey #backtohisroots #gettyvillaherbgarden… http://t.co/7M7p9IQ4f5
  • 11 October 2014 L&P had a visitor this week at their status meeting. #IKnowOkey #repost http://t.co/Mp3JOpDQrI

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05242012 28essays

Have you seen the wonderful awareness campaign from Domtar on YouTube? Thumb through recent issues of The New York Times or Fast Company magazine and you’re bound to come across their brilliant pro-paper print ads. Now, the Paper Because campaign introduces 28 Essays on paper. These essays support the "paperbecause" movement by breaking down the headlines and bringing you back to your paper-friendly roots. It includes every print ad and headline from the campaign with the facts and figures to support them. You'll discover what we have always known - that print on paper does more than you think. With these 28 Essays; even the biggest paper skeptics will become supporters. This lovely booklet is printed on our Cougar, Super Smooth 130 Cover and 80 Text. Become a believer—contact your O-K Representative for your copy today!

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