Mohawk Maker Quarterly No. 11

MOH MMQ11 12

Mohawk’s popular Maker Quarterly series is out with their 11th issue. This installment is all about the journey to making - the process. And because process is the star here, you’ll find incredible process notes from Hybrid Design throughout. Some of the information is frivolous fun like how many cups of Phil’s Coffee they drank since beginning the project. So much more of these liner notes are useful. For example, they share the process of creating the special rough edge trim. It was created by actually nicking the printer’s cutting blade till they got the result they wanted. Or the behind the scenes info on the open, smyth sewn bindery with a different color thread utilized in each sewing stacks. These different colored stacks created gorgeous centerfolds of thread in each section of the issue.

roughedgetrim blog 01 01

smyth mohawk blog 01

No. 11 is a real meaty issue and it will take you time to read and review everything that Mohawk has packed into this issue. Weaved into the Mohawk Maker Quarterly are stories about makers who have navigated unique paths to their end product. This is a "keeper". Don't lend it out, you might not get it back.

MOH MMQ11 15

MOH MMQ11 32

MOH MMQ11 09

You’ll enjoy reading stories on the power of sketching, our digital lives, how process can elevate a product, how a place can seep into your work to a in depth look at the process of design thinking. A real treat is the photo expose in section 3 that allows you to step inside the Mohawk paper mill. This issue of Maker is divided into five sections and each section is printed on a different Mohawk sheet.
Section 1: Beginnings is printed on Mohawk VIA, Felt, 80 Text
Section 2: Participation is printed on Mohawk Loop, Antique Vellum, Husk, 80 Text
Section 3: Place is printed on Mohawk Options, Smooth, 100% PC Cream White, 80 Text
Section 4: Practice is printed on Mohawk VIA, Laid, Natural, 70 Text
Section 5: Product is printed on Mohawk Loop, Linen, Restful Blue, 70 Text

The Mohawk Maker Quarterly issue eleven was skillfully printed using four color printing, match green, match pink, match blue, match light blue and spot dull varnish.  Get in touch with your Olmsted-Kirk representative to get your copy. For even more on this issue, pop over to Mohawk's Felt and Wire.

New! Classic Textures

CT CLblog 01 01
The fresh update to the Classic® paper line from Neenah introduces us to Classic® Textures and gives us a new Classic® Linen swatchbook. Not only has Neenah reinvented their color palette, they have given us two new textures - Woodgrain and Techweave.
woodgrain techweave blog 01
These textures are rich not only when you touch them but when you see them. Classic® Techweave is a distinctive, high-end finish with a one-of-a-kind feel. Think woven texture with a high-tech twist. Woodgrain has all the aesthetic charm of wood with superior printability. You'll find these two new textures in digital-ready sheets, too. And, don't forget the envelopes. These two new finishes are readily available in matching envelopes.
It is important to note that you'll find Stipple finish's new home in the Classic® Textures swatchbook. It was previously in the Classic Crest® swatchbook. Classic Laid and Classic Columns® reside in the Classic Textures swatchbook as well.
Get in touch with your Olmsted-Kirk representative to get your introduction to the new Classics.

New Classics!

clas crst blog 01
The new Classic Crest® swatchbook is here with eight, count em; EIGHT new colors. This swatchbook is only one component of Neenah's total re-introduction of their Classic® line of papers. Four swatchbooks have been melded into just three with a new Classic Textures swatch housing your old favorites Classic Laid and Columns and introducing two new finishes into the line: Woodgrain and Techweave. Classic Linen finishes up the trilogy of swatchbooks.

classic colors 01 01
The eight new colors include three grays - Cool Gray, Cadet Gray, and Charcoal.  Along with that,  two new blues have been added - Cobalt and Chambray. And rounding out the new colors are Aubergine, Military, Imperial Red and a gorgeous new shade of white - Bare White. You are probably wondering why you need another shade of white but when you see it for yourself you'll understand. Bare White is a simply stunning balanced white that sits in between Avon Brilliant White and Classic Natural White. If that wasn't enough, there are three new duplexes, too - Aubergine/Solar White, Cadet Gray/Solar White, and Military/Bare White.
Cool Gray is a light shade of gray somewhere in between Antique Gray and Pewter.
Cadet Gray is a rich gray tone that rounds out the gray bunch.
Chambray is a fresh twist on the color of denim.
Aubergine is a deep, comforting and rich purple reminiscent of eggplant.
Military is a warm, rich, natural looking green.
Cobalt is a trendy, knock-your-socks-off, vivid blue.
Imperial Red is a fresh, bright red with a hint of orange.

Our next post will introduce you to the two new finishes Woodgrain and Techweave. To get your copy of these new swatchbooks, get in touch with your Olmsted-Kirk sales representative.

Have a Super Smooth Day

A OK 01
Making lists, outlining meetings, setting your weekly agenda, and simply doodling ideas are all ways you set pencil to paper to make your day A O-K. In 1961 NASA astronauts coined and popularized this phrase. The term "A-OK" is used to tell the launch tower that "all systems are go".  With our "Accent Your Day" multi-pad promotion printed on the crisp, super smooth finish of Accent Opaque you'll be A O-K, too.  Think of this swatchbook-sized promotion as your paper nook to coordinate all the things in your busy life. With five seperate task pads produced on 80 Text, you'll have a place for everything that's running through that brain of yours. Jot, sketch, or simply write a quick note. Tear a sheet from a pad and hand information to someone who needs it. There's always a fresh sheet ready for your next big idea.
Its sturdy cover is made of Accent, smooth, 120 cover folded and doubled to make a reliable, rugged carrier. Inside the spine you will find little details in silver foil. A message to  "Have a Super Smooth Day"  reminding you to keep fighting the good fight. Included in the promotion is a custom, red, No. 2 pencil.
aok3 02
Have you tried Accent Opaque? If so, you know it is a true workhorse of a sheet. Available in three finishes - smooth, super smooth and vellum; it is 97 bright with excellent opacity and packed in cartons, skids and rolls. With this one brand you can go from printing digitally to traditional offset without skipping a beat. With six text weights and four cover weights ranging from 40 Text to 120 Cover, Accent Opaque can fill any printing job that needs ink to pop off the page. The fact that it is a FSC® certified sheet tells you what we believe. Forests matter.
If you haven't gotten your copy, get in touch with your Olmsted-Kirk representative today. 

Be Bold in 2017

calendar 2017-01

Allow us to introduce you to our Olmsted-Kirk 2017 designer calendar. Our specification team across Texas has been busy distributing these to our customers since early December. We're hoping it inspires you year-round to make bold paper decisions in 2017.
"BOLD is our Favorite Color" was a fun calendar to produce. We utilized a holographic gold foil stamp on the backer of sturdy, Neenah, Classic Crest, Stipple, 130 Double Thick Cover. Each of the twelve 3 month at-a-glance pages are printed on a different shade of Astrobrights with metallic silver ink. Get in touch with our sample room or your sales representative to get your copy and Happy New Year.